Typically I hate to jump on the bandwagon and copy posts that other bloggers have done to death (such as the effects of global warming on fashion — even though I do thing that’s a big deal). But Lorick New York is too adorable and wonderful to ignore.

The colors are bright, but the cuts and florals are sophisticated and classy. It echoes the 1950s, which is hugely on-trend for the upcoming spring/summer season. If this line had been around during the Sex and the City era, I could definitely see Charlotte donning some of the dresses. But since it’s not, the more vicious, teenage version of SATC will be using the clothes. Gossip Girl will feature the designs in tonight’s episode, passing them off as Blair’s mother’s designs during a fashion show. Tivo armed and ready!





The image “https://i1.wp.com/www.loricknewyork.com/collection_images/spring_2008/23.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.https://i2.wp.com/www.loricknewyork.com/collection_images/spring_2008/25.jpg





8 Responses to “lorick”

  1. 1 Blair Elizabeth

    This Abigail has incredible talent! Lorick are the kind of clothes I and all of my girlfriends have been craving! They are timeless and flattering yet exciting and playful! The Lorick open back dresses that Serena and Blair wore on their own fashion shoot in episode 3 of Gossip Girl are stunning! I want one in every color, as well as the entire Lorick spring line! Thank god for this new line Lorick!

  2. 2 ann long

    These clothes are amazing – I think these are great for any age under 50 – Classic pizzaz never goes out of style – I especially love the prints – just beautiful and so unusual – where can someone buy these?

  3. 3 cherryblossumgirl

    that model is HORRIBLE!
    she doesnt suit the clothes AT ALL!

  4. 4 Jenny

    i love love LOVE the lorick lady look!
    the patterns are rich and classic. the
    style is fresh but somehow timeless.
    where can i get these CLOTHES?????!!!!!!!

  5. 5 emmaburg

    Lorick is available here:

    Archetype Showroom & Gallery
    676 Broadway, 2nd Floor
    New York, NY 10012
    T 212 529 1407
    F 212 529 1405

  6. i bought my tike top and zeina pencil skirt here – http://www.buydefinition.com and am LOVING IT! they are also taking pre-orders… yay for lorick!

  7. 7 Kelsii Hogan

    Lorick, I adore your clothing! I first found your fashion line in a People’s magazine. I was very pleased and began looking online. I found your clothes were a main style on Gossip Girl! (Only one of my favorite shows!). I’m in 8th grade now but I plan on growing up and becoming a lawyer or a psychologist. Then I’ll move to a penthouse in New York city. I’ll wear Lorick clothing everyday! The Lorick Lady look is timeless and contemporary at the same time. I appreciate the clothing line and pleased to have been exposed to it!

  8. Okay, so I’ve totally hopped onto the Lorick bandwagon! Have you checked out the fall 08 collection? It is simply AMAZING!

    And thanks Jane Parker for the link, http://www.buydefinition.com/catalog/index.php?display_option=26&view_option=1
    I have yet to see another website with such a great Lorick assortment!!!

    I am definitely getting onto these goodies~

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